• Tattered Lace - Adoringly Ornate Edge

    I loved this die when I saw it - but didn't realise at first how versatile it was!

    It took me a while to work out how to get it to go 'over the edge'. Basically you take a piece of card that when folded, will make your base card, but don't make the fold until you've made the die cut!

    Draw a light pencil line where the fold will be and straddle the die across the line and cut out. Then score along the pencil line either side of the die cut to make the fold. You can rub out any pencil lines that are visible.

    There is a handy edger die included which can be used to make frames for the main die and complementary edges.

    Someone told me you could also cut into the die cut to make an owl and clasp - so I had a go!


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