• Christmas Lantern

    We made this at one of the Christmas workshops. Take a piece of greaseproof paper and cut to fit around a tall drinking glass. Emboss using an embossing folder. Wrap around the glass and secure with tape.

    Take a piece of Christmas paper and cut to size so that it fits around the glass and extends approximately 4cm above the glass.

    Fold the paper in half so that the long edges of the paper meet and the patterned sides of the paper are facing each other. Draw a border line 2 cm from the unfolded edge. Cut slits from the folded edge to the border line 1cm apart.

    Open out the paper and fold in half the other way so that the plain sides of the paper are facing each other.

    Wrap around the glass and secure at the top and bottom with tape.

    Decorate with ribbon and bows, and drop a battery operated tea light in the glass. A flickering or one that changes colour gives the best effect!


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