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Albion Rocket Consortium
Corndoll Hoedown
Hugo Soloman & Pandora King
Femdroid Harem
Scientist Think Tank
Failed Experiment Gene Pool
The Men From Tomorrow
Lady Sylvia Winterly & Stefan Travers
‘Eavy Gang
Federated Security Guards
Daredevil Drama Deal
Envoy Advance Force
Time Lift Security Commander
Armed ARC Astronauts
Daughters of SHIVA
Minion Patrol I – Rifles
Minion Patrol II – SMGs
Benton Troad & Bambi Gascoigne
Minion Patrol III – Pistols & Batons
Future Freedom Fighters 1
Minion Specialists II – Bazooka Team
Minion Specialists III – Dog Handler + Dog & Grenadier
Coppers + Dog
Argonauts (Resin)
Tough Detectives
Time Lift Security -various
Simian Minions
SCUBA Divers
Future Freedom Fighters 2
Future Freedom Fighters 3
The Guru
Ulysses Argo
Misty, Zombie Hunter